Presidio acquires and optimizes oil and gas assets focused on operations optimization and technology. Our team is based in Fort Worth and our average age is under 40, with expertise in finance, energy, engineering and software development. Intense focus on measurement gives everyone—from the pumper to the CEO—the information and responsibility to drive ownership and maximize profitability.

Our people power the energy transition

At Presidio, we have crafted a culture and set of “fast-feedback” tools that empower our people to make good decisions. If the software or processes don’t exist to meet our goals, we create them. As a result, we have driven industry-leading operating expenses, emissions reduction and safety excellence.

LOE Competitor average represents Presidio’s non op partners and excludes workover, deducts, and COPAS
Production per employee Industry: includes SandRidge Diversified, Vital, & Berry 2022 fillings
Recordable incidents rate uses 2021 trailing data to be consistent with government release

Substantial Midcontinent asset base

Case Study

Purchased western Anadarko basin assets from Apache in July 2019 at a competitive auction

1,321 operated wells and 1,274 non-operated wells

Presidio management plan has consistently reduced emissions, operating expenses, and production since closing